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The number of battery enterprises decreased by 98% in 5 years

Our Admin
2017-05-24 15:29:00

Recently, Zhang Rui, director of the lead-acid storage battery branch, introduced the country's environmental verification of lead acid battery access, and revealed until now, 27 enterprises obtain the qualification of production including Tianneng, Chilwee, Jingqiu, Xupai, Kangyang. That is to say, China's lead-acid battery nearly 2000 enterprises from 2011 decline to only less than 200 in 2015, and so far in five years' time, lead acid battery enterprises number with the production license have reduction in 98%, the enterprise production license reduce speed so fast, beyond all expectations.

Most noteworthy, with the national increasing emphasis on environmental protection, lead-acid battery industry access improve, on one hand, large enterprises in scale invested heavily in technology upgrade to adapt to the countries’ continuous improve access threshold; on the other hand, enterprises expand production capacity through mergers and reform to achieve scale economy.
It is also obvious that a large number of manufacturing enterprises hide in less developed areas, who have none production license and with strong concealment that cannot statistics. These companies basically do not have any environmental protection equipment, not only cause harm to the local environment and the body, but also the production of products impact the market. No wonder a lead acid battery mister found there are even more than 90 no registered pheasant brands, after research in Fujian, Jiangxi and other market!
The content described above revealed such a very strange phenomenon: on one hand above scale enterprises are trying to hit the price war to obtain more market share at the expense of the enterprise profits to drag its rivals, so that enterprises have become loss from completely with profitability, resulting in sales channel participants complained; On the other hand, pheasant factory battery ventures easygoing, no matter how your price war play, that cannot kill them. Instead, it is better to adopt such measures: first is determined not to fight price war, to take the brand value of publicity through a variety of measures; second, use the profitability of enterprises to do social welfare activities, and closely corporate with all levels of government tagainst underground plant to purify the manufacturing environment; third is more funding for the development of performance higher and better quality products.
Believe that only the value line of the product is the fundamental. Otherwise, not only hurt the brand image, but also allow enterprises cannot improve product quality and after-sales service guarantee.