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2016 14th China (Guangzhou) International Auto Parts Exhibition

Our Admin
2017-05-24 15:36:00
Thanks to China rapid development of the auto industry and global auto parts industry chain actively transfer to the China, "China (Guangzhou) International Auto Parts Expo" after 13 years of carefully nurtured, currently has developed into the international top brand event in auto parts industry. Relying on the automobile industry and the global potential market resources, according to the car parts industry development present situation and the domestic and foreign market demand, based on inheriting and extending previous exposition successful experience, under the care and support of all levels of government departments, industry associations, through the fine heart tissue planning of the main organizer, "CAPE 2016" will reappear in Guangzhou with brand-new appearance, comprehensive exposition will display vehicles in the field of the latest products and achievements and the future development direction, there will be more than 100 media partners of the super team as a full range of three-dimensional propaganda. We will continue to follow "to highlight the brand, innovation, actual effect, strengthen service" exhibition purposes, by virtue of the unique creative, scientific management and excellent service, with new concept for the vast number of Chinese and foreign exhibitors to provide a exhibition and communication platform of "specialization, internationalization and branding", provide more opportunities for cooperation for global auto parts and after market industry, with strong impetus to China's auto parts products fully into the global procurement system, and the rest of the world automobile industry coordination and cooperation, mutual benefit, common development and progress.
Date:June 8-10, 2016
Site:Guangzhou Pazhou poly World Trade Expo
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