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The specific steps of helping the baby to cut the nails?

Our Admin
2017-02-05 01:07:00
    1,The correct posture: let the baby lying on the bed, my mother supported against 
the bed (with a fixed arm, to ensure that the hand firmly hold the baby close to you), 
the side of the hand, the same direction, the same can demand the best angle (so it is 
not easy to cut too deep and hurt the baby). Mother sat, holding the baby in the body, 

so that their mother back, and then in the same direction to keep a baby's hand.

   2.Ways of handshake: separate the baby's fingers, key pinch one finger cut. Cut out 
one for one. It's best not to catch a row of nail scissors, in order to avoid the baby 
suddenly a row of fingers together, force is not easy to control, but also comfortable 
to injure other nail scissors.

   3.The order of pruning: the first cut in the middle and then repair the ends.
Because it will be easy to grasp the length of the pruning, to avoid the corner cut 
too deep.

   4.Rounding: after two pruning may nail scissors out of corners, do not forget to 
put these points will trim smooth, avoid the sharp long after becoming scratched baby 

   5.Checks: Mom can use his own finger along the baby's nails while touching a 
circle, a check, found on the timely removal of sharp corners.

   6.Burns treatment: timely detection and treatment of baby nail edge of burns. Do 
not directly hand extraction, so as not to draw too much, and hurt the surrounding 
skin tissue. Please carefully cut with scissors from burns.

   7.Clean dirt: for some of the dirt hidden in the nails, the best way to clean the
trim after pruning, it is not suitable to use hard objects to pick.

   8.Avoid ingrown toenails: nails on both sides of the shear angle are not too deep. 
Otherwise long nails easily embedded in the soft tissues become onychocryptosis". 
Onychocryptosis will damage the skin around the nail, causing pyogenic infection of 

subcutaneous tissue, causing inflammation or other paronychia.