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Top 10 Chinese Battery Brands Rating List of 2015 Announcement

Our Admin
2017-05-24 15:43:00
 “Top 10 Chinese Battery Brands Rating List of 2015 election” was sponsored by the "brand ranking network", The target of this Event is to stabilize the development of large enterprises, promote the development of the industry's brand and theme is promoting national brand. It is open to all brands from all industries. This selection is unusually hot, nearly half of the domestic batter brands and dealers were attracted, and more than 70 well-known network media have pay close attention to it, such as Sina, NetEase, People Daily, Xinhua, China.com.  It is one of the few large authoritative brand selection activities in domestic battery industry. CCTV, people's daily and other authoritative media were competing reports. This selection, has not only become a gathering of leaders in the battery industry, but also become a great opportunity for many excellent domestic brands to emerge and express themselves. After intense intense online voting, qualification examination and evaluation of consumer goodwill, Top 10 Chinese Battery Enterprise and Brands of 2015 were selected as follows:
1st Prize: Ming Tai  Zibo Ming Tai Electric Technology Co., Ltd.
2nd Prize: Huashu  Xiangyun Hairrong Power Technology Limited Liability Company
3rd Prize: Chilwee  Chilwee Power Co., Ltd.
4th Place: Shuangdeng  Shuangdeng Group Co., Ltd.
5th Place: Aokly  Yingde Aokly Power Co., Ltd.
6th Place: Yuasa  Guangdong Yuasa Battery Co. Ltd.
7th Place: Coslight  Harbin Coslight Storage Battery Co. Ltd.
8th Place: Singlang Quanzhou Singlang Electric Technology CN., Ltd.
9th Place: Huawei  Jinjiang Huawei Power Co. Ltd.
10th Place: FENGFAN  FENGFAN CO., LTD.Hengyang, Hunan.