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Hip Pacifier Clips for Baby

Our Admin
2017-02-20 17:58:00
Yes, I know. Grayson shouldn’t have a pacifier now that he isn’t technically a “baby” anymore. But poor baby boy is teething like crazy (read more about that here), and well, it’s just not the time to take it away just yet. While he may be less interested in his pacifier, I swear those things are like socks in a dryer. For some reason, we are always misplacing pacifiers, especially now that he is moving more and more. Almost walking!

Pacifier clips
really do come in handy, especially when your babies are on the go or in the stroller or just crawling around. If they happen to drop it, a pacifier clip saves the day from all those nasty germs as it hits the ground. Better yet, you don’t ever have to look for that thing either! So you might as well secure it in style.