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Xiamen BETTER team left Afghanistan safely.....

Our Admin
2021-09-11 18:33:00

In recent days,, more than 30 media platforms, including People's Daily, Global Times, Beijing Daily, The Paper, Beijing Evening, Huanqiu.com, IFENG.com, SINA, Haiwai net, Bai Jiahao, Guancha Syndicate, Shanghai Observer, RED STAR NEWS, reported extensively on the article named "Xiamen BETTER team left Afghanistan horrifiedly, truly feel the strength of the motherland ", over 10 million hits in just a few hours.The main content is about a letter of thanks we sent to the Embassy of Afghanistan and Embassy of Iran and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

 We do not know the misery of war without war, and we do not know the strength of our country until we go abroad

A letter of thanks to the Embassy of Afghanistan and Embassy of Iran and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

We left our home country - China in early July.
In the face of global pandemic, we must go far.
Because all foreign customers are expecting us and China behind us to help them resume production with stable and efficient manufacturing capacity.
Although we are a very small enterprise, we know the Huawei chose to stand fast during the Fukushima nuclear leakage.


Departure from domestic airport      in the airplane

 We had been in Afghanistan for 25 days in mid-to-late July.
Inadaptation of the climate, diet and language is just a piece of cake, daily epidemic prevention is just the basic work we need to do.

The faint sound of gunfire and overhead aircraft roar, is really the test of life and death at any time.
Peace, security and even survival have become a luxury for some people here.
Under such bad circumstances, the Chinese embassy locally kept in touch with us and called us every two hours to help as much as possible.
The warm blood in Wolf Warriors is just a movie, but this time we really feel the strength and warmth of China.


Epidemic prevention is the basic work we need to do.


At the beginning of August, the work here was almost completed and the customer was very satisfied.
People here are very friendly to Chinese people, they even know about The Belt and Road and China-Europe Railway Express.
We decided to leave Afghanistan, and the pace of the fighting didn't allow us to stay

Daily work of Xiamen Better team in Afghanistan
  Doing nucleic acid tests in Afghanistan                                                                                                                   


On August 23rd, our four companions finally took the flight back to China.
I saw you leaving the hotel through the window, although it is parting, but very gratified, the sunshine is perfect.
At this moment, you should be ten thousand meters high, after landing you will be in peaceful and prosperous motherland.


The smooth return of the team would not have been possible without the full support of the Embassy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


We needed green code to return home from Iran. We submitted the application at 10 o 'clock that day, and within 30 minutes, the embassy approved the application of four members of the team. In the chaotic country, caught up by the epidemic and war, such efficiency moved people extremely and realized the protection of our motherland


Even for the sake of the Chinese people in Afghanistan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs made a special request to the president and government officials to ensure the safety of all Chinese people in Afghanistan.


As for me personally, due to the COVID-19 diagnosis, I have always felt the greetings from the Embassy and even the Xiamen government, Foreign Affairs Bureau and Commerce Bureau. They have been paying attention to my situation and offering assistance, hoping that I could recover as soon as possible and return to China. Although I am overseas, I often feel the warmth of home.


We do not know the misery of war without war, and we do not know the strength of our country until we go abroad.

Our dramatic and challenging experiences in Afghanistan and Iran certainly makes us more aware of this truth.

Once again, I would like to thank the Chinese Embassy in Afghanistan, the Chinese Embassy in Iran, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and relevant departments in Xiamen for their assistance to our team.


In the future, our company will do our best to continue to export Made-in-China to the world! Let the world perceive the strength of China! Let China make a beautiful world! Contribute to the prosperity of the motherland!