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SAIL Maintenance free lead-acid batteries

SAIL Maintenance free lead-acid batteries

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    Lead Acid Battery
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Product characteristics:
No maintenance: it has extremely low water consumption, no need to add liquid or check the liquid level, and completely without maintenance.

Strong low-temperature start-up capability: The use of new technologies to provide a strong start-up capability, especially at low temperatures, the start-up capability is stronger than the ordinary battery.

Very low self-discharge: the use of excellent alloy materials to ensure that the maintenance-free sail battery has a very low self-discharge, so that the battery has a longer storage time.

Longer life: adopt the latest technology to make it have longer service life.

Adapt to high temperature environment: high quality raw materials, and new shell structure, in high temperature environment service life is higher than ordinary battery.

High safety: self-developed new structure of the labyrinth, with a strong acid resistance filter function, can effectively prevent the leakage of electrolyte.

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