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Carbon-zinc batteries

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Carbon-zinc batteries are electrochemical power from the cell, is a kind of disposable batteries. Because the electrolyte of electrochemical power device is a batter cannot flow, also known as dry-cell batteries.

Carbon-zinc batteries in the zinc shell as anode, battery Center is used as cathode conductive materials of graphite rods, cathode area around powdered manganese dioxide and carbon powder graphite rods, negative for ZnCl2 paste and NH4Cl mixtures.

Carbon-zinc batteries suitable for low current applications, such as remote controls (TV, set-top boxes DVB, air conditioning), electronic scales, tuner, wireless keyboard, wireless mouse Alkaline batteries in high-current applications, like electronic thermometers, digital blood pressure monitor, blood oxygen apparatus, electronic lock, safe, intelligent Air Purifier. Large carbon-zinc batteries have the following characteristics:

A, unleaded (40ppm), cadmium, mercury, and friendly to the environment;

B, the leakage rate 0.1ppm

C, homogeneous discharge rate of 98% per cent

D, low self-discharge, above the shelf-life of 24 months

E, the industries best acetylene black and electrolytic manganese dioxide as cathode

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